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Next - Letting Go
Wednesday, June 02, 2010 | Laura Heuer

My daredevil son is about to embark on the trip of his life! Now he wakes everyday to knowing that the wondrous world he had anticipated since he was ten is unfolding the way he has created. This summer he has made his dream job happen. He took it upon himself to create an email to pursue a job that was not even in existence. To his delight and our surprise we were asked to make a call. We talked, they met and all is set to go. Again, while we teach our son he still has so much to teach us. He chose a path and ran.

But, How Do We Let Him Go?
We have our concerns, the what ifs, the scary thoughts, the worst-case scenarios. But, we stop and know that this is not how we are going to live, that is actually not living at all. So here is the plan. We will do it all, with the right precautions.

What Precautions?
Since he is a sixteen-year-old boy you will not see him carrying around his medical records. But, he will be. All his records will be on his key ring, the one that will hold the rest of his summer’s keys. He will go about his day as if any other person would. But, if something were to happen he would have all his information with him ready for anyone to see. Will that be enough for my peace of mind?

Parents’ Peace of Mind
Do parents ever have peace of mind? I laugh as I write this. You know the answer. We will say extra prayers and send him with his medical records on a key ring. Peace of mind? No, but as much as can be expected from parents letting life take their child where they were meant to go and grow.

Medical Records to Go
I will send my son with the Medic Tag. I feel this is the best option for us. No one to call, no PIN numbers, nobody other then me putting in the important information. It will go with him and grow with him as we can change his information as many times as needed for as long as he keeps it. If it does get lost all the information will still be backed up on my computer and printed copies in his room. Safe, secure and the most we can do short of going with him on his life journey.

What is Next?

Again, I wonder what will the future hold for my child? He is so full of life and life so unpredictable. I know my place and that is to let him grow and keep him safe and while doing that I will be blessed with more then anything I have ever dreamt possible.

Laura and her husband have three very active teenage boys. She has an entrepreneurial spirit that has led her to the creation of Jakoter Health Organizers. Now with a love to be on the Internet, write; fiddle with gadgets and use technology that make life easier you will find her creations on

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