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Think outside the box!
Monday, February 08, 2010 | Cindy Boester

When it comes to creating your Personal Health Record (PHR), remember that it’s more than just the medical information you gather from your primary doctor or hospital. Think of all the other things that impact your well being. 

For starters, do you exercise?  Walking, jogging, yoga, tai chi, and lifting weights are examples of activities that you should include in your PHR.  How often do you work out?  How long? 

Then there’s nutrition.  It’s most important to have documentation of any special diet you are on, including any restrictions and/or allergies to certain food groups.  If you are seeing a nutritionist, note the name and phone number for easy followup by family and friends when necessary. And speaking of nutrition, do you take supplements?  Vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances that you assume are harmless may be vitally important information to a treating physician in a medical emergency.  Interactions between medications and supplements can and do occur.

There are doctors and there are doctors.  Many of us immediately think of our internist/oncologist/neurologist/surgeon as the doctors of record for our PHR.  But you also have your teeth and eyes to consider.  Dental records and visits to optometrists are as much a part of a PHR as your other documents. 

Speaking of doctors, don’t forget to keep an up to date listing of all medications you’re on: dose and frequency, and any home measurements you may perform, e.g. blood pressure, blood sugar levels.

The PHR is a wonderful tool to help you manage your health.  It can be a life saving tool in an emergency.  The more that’s known about you, the better the response.  Be creative in what you put into your PHR.  If you think it’s important, include it!

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