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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy
Monday, November 25, 2013 | Vera Rulon

Having the right information you need at the right time is important to make better decisions for you and your family’s health. This information could be something new that you have learned about a disease, condition, treatment, or how to prevent it. It also includes your personal health information that tells you if you need to make some adjustments to your medical care or lets you know that your health is on track.

While important, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed. We have more access to health information than ever before. It is often hard to tell what information is or isn’t helpful for your personal healthcare. And further, which personal health information is important to track and maintain over time?

The Pfizer program Get Healthy Stay Healthy was designed to help you navigate health information, like recognizing the signs of stroke, learn how to monitor your blood pressure, describing your pain to your doctor, or the importance of knowing what's in your medical record. It provides tools to help you track your personal health information and informs you on questions to ask your health care provider to help you navigate your healthcare journey.

In order to get healthy and stay healthy, it’s important to make informed decisions. It’s about learning what questions to ask and finding answers together with your doctor. It’s about taking action, no matter how small, to improve your health. The Get Healthy Stay Healthy program invites you learn more about health and medicine so that you can take the right actions for you and your family.

Vera Rulon MS, RHIT, FAHIMA, FACMImimi is director of strategic medical communications at Pfizer Inc. She is a past president of AHIMA and often speaks and writes about empowered patients through the use of digital and social technology.

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Having the right information you need at the right time is important to make better decisions for you and your family’s health. This information could be something new that you have learned about a disease, condition, Hon non bo tieu canh san vuon dep thiet ke san vuon thiet ke cafe san vuon

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Welcome to the Caregiver’s PHR blog – your connection to health information management professionals and other caregivers managing the healthcare of a loved one. Caregivers can be more prepared for the unpredictable simply by keeping a record of their loved one’s personal health information to present to a healthcare provider when needed. As a caregiver, you can often become overwhelmed with the emotional and physical responsibilities involved in this commitment. Just tracking medications and doctors’ visits can seem nearly impossible at times. A personal health record can help ease your mind. We hope you will visit this blog often to interact with experts in the field to seek advice and tips for best practices in creating and maintaining your loved one’s personal health record and the most effective ways to use that information to play a more active role in their healthcare and simplify your life.

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