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It was just dinner!
Monday, September 28, 2009 | Julie Wolter

My Church held a fellowship dinner last night to kick off our 80th year celebration.  It was a wonderful night of music, good food, and friends.  My husband and I were able to spend some time with a couple we had not talked to in a while.  It was great catching up and hearing about her ministry in Mozambique.  She had just returned about a month ago from her latest visit.  (She goes 1-3 times each year.)  She was telling me how she had lost her shot records and how she scrambled before she left to get that information.  Well…..... I couldn’t let that opportunity fly by, but before I could speak she was digging in her purse to show me the lists of health information she takes with her when she travels.  I had found my new best friend!!  (At this point my husband whispered in my ear, “You will talk about PHRs anywhere!”)

She showed me her medication list, including her over-the-counter medications.  She had an emergency contact card, shot record and a list of her allergies.  I was thrilled and had to contain my squeals of excitement.  Someone who actually was doing what I have been preaching about for years and she had not heard it from me.  I just listened as she showed me everything and how she also created her husband’s health information for him to carry.  What could I say?  I felt like giving her a standing ovation.  I praised her for all that she had done and then I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I encouraged her to create her PHR electronically so the information could be accessible anywhere.  She was intrigued and we agreed to meet to discuss further.

We left the dinner filled with excitement for the coming year with our Church family and I was also feeling great that I got to talk about PHRs with someone who believes in what she created for herself and her husband as they travel.  It was a good night all the way around.

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