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Traveling With Children
Monday, March 15, 2010 | Marilyn McFarlane

If you have a child with a health problem or condition, you’re well aware that a trip with the family has to include whatever medications might be needed. You know it’s important to tuck in emergency advice and the doctor’s name and contact numbers, as well.  One thing less commonly included, but should be, even for those with no apparent medical issues, is a travel version of your child’s Personal Health Record. 

Packing a PHR along with other documents is a good idea (and can be a life-saver) for any traveler, and is especially smart for people on the road with children, as their needs can’t always be clearly explained.  As a travel writer, I sometimes encounter parents who are savvy in many ways but have never thought to carry up-to-date lists of their kids’ medical histories.  You hope they won’t be needed, but if they are, you’re very glad you brought them along.

Items on the list should include:
- Name and birth date and place
- Physicians and dentists names, along with their contact information.
- Health insurance information
- Vaccinations and immunizations, with dates
- Any important test results from physical or dental exams
- Blood type

Also include, if appropriate:
- Allergies and sensitivities, with pictures of foods or drugs to be avoided, if you’ll be in a place where you don’t speak the language
- All medications and supplements being used, with the brands and amounts
- Special dietary needs
- Documents with specialists’ advice
- Eyeglass prescriptions
- Action plan in case of asthma attack or other condition
- Any chronic condition and how it should be treated

For additional travel advice and information, check, and scroll down to Traveling With Children.

Marilyn McFarlane is a long-time travel writer, the author of guidebooks and articles for print and online media. She is a staff writer for Europe Up Close.
Marilyn blogs at Lighthearted Travel, and can be reached via her website,

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