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Technology may help injured marathoners
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

Earlier, Margie Kelly wrote from the sidelines of The Maine Cancer Foundation's TriForACure, and described how a PHR saved the lives of several runners devoid of any identifying information - save their bib number. Henry Ford Hospital’s Dr. Christopher Guyer is researching PHR systems that are private, secure, and can help identify runners and their medical history in case of an emergency.

At the Los Angeles Marathon, 216 runners and spectators were treated by emergency personnel, and three even collapsed and died during the race. Dr. Guyer is currently analyzing the long-term effects of PHR usage during marathons:

“What we can say right now,” he said, “is that there were several examples where we were aided in communication, we were able to tell people where they could find family members who were racers, if they had been transported to a hospital. It made it easier for people to figure out what was going on.”

An EHR may be the perfect choice for runners, but finding the perfect PHR system is a highly personal choice. Find which is best for you.

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