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Inspiration to Start a PHR
Thursday, July 15, 2010 | Leah Grebner

The fact that you are visiting myPHR website indicates that something has piqued your interest in personal health records (PHR).  Perhaps, you are seeking the right inspiration for taking the next steps to create a PHR for yourself or a family member.  If that is the case, consider some of the following scenarios:

You are enjoying a weekend getaway with friends (girl’s weekend or men’s fishing trip for example), start to experience some dizziness, and collapse.  One of your travel companions calls 911 and the emergency responders need basic health history information.  They ask about what health conditions you have, what medications you are taking, and who your physician is.  Would your travel companion be able to answer these questions?

You are at work and develop chest pain. As the pain worsens, you and your co-workers decide that you may need emergency medical treatment and call for help.  By the time the emergency response team arrives, you are unconscious.  Would your co-workers be able to provide information about your health status and medications?

You are out for an early morning run when you trip and hit your head on the curb, which causes you to lose consciousness.  A motorist witnesses your fall and calls for help.  The emergency response team arrives and needs information.  Do you have any form of identification or information about your health status and medications with you?

If you were able to picture yourself in a situation similar to one of these are were not able to answer “yes” to the questions following the scenarios, perhaps this is the inspiration you need to start putting together at least a basic PHR. 

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