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EHRs: New Benefit for Parents
Friday, March 05, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

Ninety-eight percent of health care providers don’t have a comprehensive electronic health record, which can help multiple doctors save children’s lives.

Di Smalley, CEO of Mercy Health Systems of Oklahoma, relates a story about a child helped by an EHR:

Patients benefit the most. Recently, a family visiting from Arkansas brought their son into one of Mercy’s Oklahoma City clinics when he was having difficulty breathing. The boy was given a steroid shot. When they returned to Arkansas and their regular physician, who was also a Mercy doctor, all of the boy’s records were available. The family was relieved they didn’t have to remember everything from the visit. The physician was able to know exactly what happened in Oklahoma. I think the patient’s father said it best, “By being able to see everything electronically, doctors can make better judgments. EHR is light years ahead.”

Click here to read the full article.

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Parents, welcome to the PHR blog where you can connect and communicate with health information management professionals and eventually other parents about managing your child’s healthcare. Have you ever been on your way to the doctor’s office with your child and wondered about the details – diagnosis, medications prescribed, vaccinations, etc. – of your last visit?

As a parent, you have so many responsibilities that it’s difficult to recall everything from day to day let alone last year. A personal health record can help ease your mind. This blog is a social network where you can interact with experts in the field to seek advice and tips for best practices in creating and maintaining your child’s personal health record and the best ways to use that information to play a more active role in their healthcare and simplify your life.

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