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PHRs and the Wii Generation
Monday, April 05, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) contains provisions to encourage the meaningful use of electronic medical records technology. Seniors are most likely to use a PHR, but will this change as Millennials mature and as EHRs become more prevalent?

Microsoft is exploring adding a HealthVault application to its Xbox 360 system, which would allow hospital patients to play games and access their records. Yet Carole Hodsdon, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of MEDecision, believes that caregiving duties rather than technology preferences will drive Millenials’ adoption of EHRs:

In a few short years our currently younger, tech-savvy and web-dependent generations are going to become better acquainted with the healthcare system. Whereas they now maybe see a doctor once or twice a year for basic services like a physical or a flu shot, they’ll soon start catching up to us older folks who utilize healthcare more frequently, even if it isn’t for themselves. As their parents’ medical needs grow, many will undoubtedly become primary caregivers and enter the system that way. Already used to executing the rest of life’s serious business digitally - banking, taxes, job hunting, dating, clothes shopping - almost on cue they’ll begin seeking products and services that enable them to manage their health (or that of loved ones) the same way.

Read more about how your child may use EHRs from Health Management Technology. Even if you prefer pen and paper, a PHR will give your child a foundation for healthy living once they are in charge of their own medical records.

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