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Caregiving at an Early Age Monday, December 01, 2014 | Vera Rulon we talk about caregiving we usually think of adults taking care of their elderly parents, their children, or their partners. But what if the caregiver is a child or a young adult?

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Monday, November 25, 2013 | Vera Rulon

Having the right information you need at the right time is important to make better decisions for you and your family’s health. This information could be something new that you have learned about a disease, condition, treatment, or how to prevent it. It also includes your personal health information that tells you if you need to make some adjustments to your medical care or lets you know that your health is on track.

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Behavioral Health Breakdown Monday, June 20, 2011 | Erin Jordan

Resources needed for behavioral health keep growing as the funds continue to be cut. Recent incidents show how poorly this can affect not only the patients in need, but also the entire community.

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Tags   behavioral health, budget cut, Health information, Electronic Health Record, Personal Health Record, Psychological Funding, Healthcare Reform, Schizophrenia, Mental Disease, chronicallyill
Alzheimer’s: A long journey for caregivers and sufferers alike Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | Maria Bouselli

Little signs of Alzheimer's disease began to appear this past year. He would drift off into his own little world during dinner. He could not find his way back to the table after using the restroom while celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family. He would ask five times in a day when I was leaving for Chicago.

In early January it was confirmed - my grandpa Stanley Zuba has Alzheimer’s disease.

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Tags   caregivers, family, healthadvocate, alzheimers, seniors
The Health Pie Monday, February 21, 2011 | Megan Rooney

As Health Literacy Missouri’s webmaster, I spend a lot of time behind a computer. But recently, I was lucky enough to get out of our Saint Louis office and travel through Missouri to learn about health literacy projects outside of our city. I brought back lots of stories.

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Tags   health literacy, communication, phr
Be a Powerful Patient! Tuesday, December 07, 2010 | Chris Matthies

About two years ago, my husband, Les, began having some puzzling physical symptoms.  He wasn’t feeling particularly ill but decided to see his primary care physician, just in case.

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Tags   phr, personalhealthrecord, family, healthadvocate
Reducing medical errors by changing medication labels Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | Laura Heuer

The California state pharmacy board voted last month to require all drug labels to be set in 10-point font to enhance readability. Texas is the only other state that has such guidelines.

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Tags   medication, caregivers, seniors, children, safety
Take a change on technology Wednesday, May 05, 2010 | Amanda Bushey

Apple recently released an article "iPhone provides vital link to medical records."  This article not only represents, but demonstrates, how technology and patient care can and should work together.

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Tags   technology, electronichealthrecord, mobilehealth
Caregivers as Healthcare Advocates: Uses of the PHR Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | Margo Corbett

Chances are you’ve gradually fallen into the role of caregiver for a loved one as their health deteriorates. You probably didn’t realize it was happening at first, but little-by-little you found yourself doing more and more and at some point said to yourself, “I’m not trained for this. I feel overwhelmed and inadequate.”

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Tags   personalhealthrecord, phr, medicalhistory, caregivers
I, caregiver: Keeping notes and a medical file helps Sunday, April 25, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

Caregiver Juneita Johari recommends that caregivers learn to decipher doctor speak, start a file, and take notes when caring for an elderly or ill loved one.

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Tags   personalhealthrecord, phr, caregivers, medicalerrors
How technology has changed delivery of care Monday, April 19, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

The senior population in the U.S. will increase by 36% in the next 10 years (by 2020).

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Tags   technology, access, seniors, caregivers
Caregiving and the Personal Health Record in 2010 Monday, April 05, 2010 | Ted Eytan

Earlier this week, I had the honor of co-presenting in front of the CEO’s of Kaiser Permanente and The Permanente Federation, at a regular Town Hall meeting, about the completion of the KP HealthConnect rollout across the United States.

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Tags   personalhealthrecord, phr, caregivers
Long-Distance Caregivers Benefit from PHRs Friday, March 26, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

The National Institute on Aging reports that approximately 7 million adults are long-distance caregivers and generally live an hour or more away. These tips will help you access important documents and coordinate care from afar.

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Tags   access, medicalrecords, caregivers
Caring for aging loved ones Friday, March 19, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

According to a National Alliance for Caregiving study, there will be more Americans over 65 than under 5 by 2020. Caregivers will play an enormous role in this demographic shift.

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Tags   insurance, HIPAA, caregivers
What's grandma allergic to? Monday, March 15, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

Canadian provinces are moving toward tracking health records electronically. A side benefit for consumers, though, is the ability to put health information in patients’ and caregivers’ hands.

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Tags   health information, parents, caregivers
Aging with Grace - PHRs for Caregivers Wednesday, March 10, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

Senior health expert Patricia Grace discusses how caregivers can use a PHR to improve elder care.

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Tags   personalhealthrecord, phr, caregivers
Your Family Member's PHR Wednesday, March 03, 2010 | Sarah Dietze

This personal health record is designed to help you keep your family member's medical information organized in one place. It includes space for you to write in information about your family member's medical conditions and treatments.

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Tags   personalhealthrecord, phr, medication, caregivers
How can a PHR help me care for my family? Tuesday, June 16, 2009 | Margaret Hennings

How can a PHR help me or my family?  Why would I want to take the time to gather all this information? 

In the same way a gardener will keep track of where to buy their favorite flowers or who has the biggest selection or best prices, a PHR can help you keep track of physician information such as phone numbers, appointment dates, specialty, etc.

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Tags   personalhealthrecord, phr, medication
How could keeping a PHR be similar to gardening? Tuesday, June 09, 2009 | Margaret Hennings

Planting the seeds of knowledge for care now and in the future.

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Tags   personalhealthrecord, phr, medication, caregivers

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